So much to do and so little time to do it in and so little money to do it with. I wish I could get to all the writers conferences in our area, let alone in New York and California. I learn so much while I am there, besides meeting all the authors, editors, and agents.

*** Here's a thought I wanted to pass on to my fellow authors:

I've been reading "How to Write Funny," edited by John B. Kachuba, which I highly recommend, and in the book I came across this, written by Robin Hemley:

"Sometimes, too, you find yourself in a situation that starts off serious but becomes absurd. When this happens, take it as a gift and write it down."

Amen! So many times I've tried to remember funny situations to include in my stories, but because I hadn't taken the time to write them down they were lost. So I have started carrying a small journal with me wherever I go. It has helped tremendously.


Are there any suggestions from you seasoned writers out there for new writers like me? I would love to hear them. Please share your incites.


Just back from a fabulous writer's conference, I'm ready to dive into my manuscript. Thanks to Ann Cannon the prospect of revising my book, once again, is less daunting. A wonderful presenter, she is also a great columnist and an author of children's books.

I definitely have to thank Lael Littke for the amazing suggestions she gave our writing group. She's an inspiration.

Thanks to Alane Ferguson for pumping me up. After your presentation, I am excited to delve into my book. And thank you Dandi Mackall for explaining voice. I think I finally got it! You are a marvel, 460 books. Wow! And Carol Lynch Williams, you are always a crack up--- your advice has helped my writing tremendously.

Well, back to Norphendril. Revisions, revisions, revisions!