Hail fellow writers.

What holds you back from writing, from doing your best?  Procrastination?  Fear of criticism?  Writer's block?

It's daunting staring at a blank piece of paper, or a blank computer screen, or even taking on those darn edits.

What helps you push through the difficult times?

What inspires you?

Just to name a few of mine:

*A brisk walk in the park, or around the neighborhood, if I'm short on time.
*A drive through the mountains.  Who isn't inspired by nature?
*Sitting by a stream, by a lake, by a rushing waterfall, or if I'm super lucky, the beach.
*Taking pen and paper outside, under my favorite tree.
*Getting out of the house, breathing the fresh air! 
PS Anything will do when the weather is turbulent: library, mall, or even the car at a favorite spot.