Wow, what a summer. If you were like me, time got away with reckless abandon.

First off, the weather was so bizarre I had to change my plans again and again, and hope that I hadn't forgotten anything, which, of course, I had--- my blog.

Secondly, I spent so many hours revising and re-writing my book that, now, it has all become a blur.

And thirdly, I had so much fun with my family that I wish I could reverse time and do it all over again.

I can hardly believe it's the end of September, with the holidays soon to follow.

Thank you, followers, for sticking with me even though I have neglected to write. You are amazing. And now, I must beg your forgiveness again, for I will be leaving soon to take care of my daughter, who is expecting her third child, and my grandchildren. It might be a while until I can write.

But in November, I am attending a wonderful conference, put on by SCBWI. So, I will be sure to let my readers know all about it.

Thank you for being so loyal!

Have a wonderful Halloween!