There are so many wonderful writing conferences going on all the time. Make sure to take the time to figure out which ones are best for you. Who are the presenters? What will be discussed? Are the topics pertinent to your writing, your genre, etc.? How much money are you willing to fork out, and is the conference worth the expense?

One can spend so much time attending conferences that he/she can get caught up in the social aspect and forget to write, which, by the way, is most important. If the writer doesn't have the material to present, then time and money are wasted. That is not to say, that networking isn't also important. And we all need the boost that comes from interacting with others who are also on a similar path.

Balance is everything! Happy conferencing.
Life lessons are sometimes harder than we think we can bear and it's tempting to crawl into a hole and stay there until we feel better. But, of course, we can't; it doesn't work that way. Life and its demands go on. And so we plug along until one day, things don't hurt so much. Time is a great healer of sorts.

Right now, I don't know of a single person that doesn't have something major happening in their lives, something that is cruel to the heart and taxing to the body and soul. My heart goes out to so many. May you feel relief soon and the love of a good friend or loved one. May each day be a little better than the last.


Thanks for all the kind wishes today for my birthday. I appreciate every one of them! My wish this day goes out to all of you. I hope you have a wonderful year!


In-between bouts of snow, hail, rain, and cold, I've been out enjoying the sunshine and tulips. Spring is coming, I keep telling myself as I cross my fingers, eyes, and toes.

The birds are optimistic. Ducks are checking out our yard for a place to make their nest, joined by the finches, the canaries, and of course the fat robins. What a cheerful greeting I get each time I walk out my backdoor.

I'm so excited to drag out the lawnmower, the clippers, the rake, and the edger, though I know that excitement will wear off in time, especially when it gets hot. But for now, how can I be pessimistic? The leaves are budding, dark green grass is growing, and I can see wondrous color beginning to burst. Renewed life is all around me. What an awesome sight set against the majestic white mountains and the occasional blue, blue skies.

Oh, the fresh air and the hope of a bounteous garden. I love spring and all its newness and surprises!