I never really appreciated how difficult the English language was until I had the fortunate experience of meeting people from different countries and I watched their struggles to master the rules and exceptions to the rules. It's a wonder that anyone can make sense of the language at all. Having said that though, I find it incredible when I can successfully combine simple and complicated sentences and take my readers on a wonder adventure, that they can catch a glimpse of all the dynamic scenes, people, and goings on in my head. Language is an amazing tool of communication.


I have been reading, "Gotham Writers' Workshop, Writing Fiction, the Practical Guide from New York's Acclaimed Creative Writing School," as I've been revising my manuscript. What an amazing book to have in one's library. As the title suggests, it is definitely a practical guide, giving step by step instruction and exercises that help any author obtain his/her goals. The writing process is broken down so that the book is easily understood and easy to follow--- a must read!
In interacting with the world today, some times it is easier to sit behind the computer and communicate instead of physically getting out in the world and reaching out to those around us. This past Christmas season, when I took the time to intermingle with my fellow shoppers and stop and watch those hurrying this way and that, my heart was touched by the occasional passerby that helped a crying child by just winking and smiling, or the man that opened a door for a woman in a wheelchair, or the teenager that picked up a package for someone who had accidentally dropped it and didn't know it.

There is still good in the world and it gives me hope.


May the new year bring you much joy, especially in the little things!