As I am sure with most authors, writing is like breathing. It is something I just have to do. The stories inside me are begging to come out. Most of the time, I can't write them fast enough, but once in awhile there is a very special tale, one that takes a little more thought, worry, and effort. That is the case with the series I am working on. The story is there, the people, the situations, but they, the story, the people, the situations, want to be carefully portrayed. The words need to be just so, the descriptions clear, vivid, and perfect. Each character reveals themselves in unique ways. Each has their own story and knows their importance in the protagonist's life. They come to me, one by one, introducing themselves, and tell me what I am to write. They help me see the world they live in and what they are to do in order to help or hinder, to love or hate.

It has been an amazing experience. I hope that one day, when "The Enchanted Ring," the first book in the series of "Norphendril", is published, that you will find these people just as intriguing, that you fall in love with them, live with them, can't be without them, as I have.

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