The revision of my first chapter is finally finished. Hooray! Now on to the second.

I found a very interesting quote that I have to share. It comes from the book "Your first Novel," by Ann Rittenberg and Laura Whitcomb. New authors should have this book in their libraries.

In chapter one:

"Your idea might be a character you want to follow, a setting that haunts you, or a scene that keeps playing in your mind. A writer gets ideas from everywhere--- by watching people pass in the crosswalks, by elaborating on childhood memories, by retelling nightmares, or by taking pieces of history and contemplating alternate outcomes. Inside you there is already the seed of a story that drives you to move closer to the fire and speak. Give it a name. Not a title--- that comes later. Just name it, so it will know its master."

This hit me with such power. Thank you Ann and Laura.

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