Sometimes the naming of people in my stories comes with ease, but sometimes finding just the right ones eludes me. So, I purchased, "Character Naming Sourcebook." In the first chapter, the author, Sherrilyn Kenyon, gives ten major guidelines which I find quite helpful.

1. Capture the persona.

2. Choose a name in keeping with your character's heritage and personality and/or trade.

3. Make the name harmonious.

4. Keep the character's name consistent with his or her time period.

5. Keep the character's social status in mind.

6. Use nicknames.

7. Vary the names of the characters.

8. Remember the genre.

9. If you choose a name that breaks the rules, explain it.

10. Avoid the names others have made famous.

Not only does Ms. Kenyon give advice, but she includes the meaning of the names and includes the origin, such as Latin, Greek, French, etc. It was fun learning about my own name.

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