I have not been able to post anything the last few days because I have been so busy working on my outline--- to fix the huge flaw in my manuscript. It was an extremely daunting task until I stumbled across the books "First Draft in 30 Days," and "From First Draft to Finished Novel," both written by, Karen S. Wiesner.

I happened to get on Twitter for a few minutes when I saw: jessicastrawser RT: @kmnickell Download free story-building worksheets here--great for #NaNoWriMo writers! I clicked on the website and was so impressed that I ran to the bookstore and bought Karen Wiesner's books. And, talk about helpful, wow! I think I will make it through this tough revamping much easier with the guidance from these two books. They are a must have if anyone is contemplating writing a novel or repairing one, like I am. If I had had these two books before I started the series, it would have saved me so much grief, so much rewriting.

She compares the writing process to a builder following a blueprint and building a house.

Here is just a taste of these wonderful books:

"If your character, setting, and plot are truly cohesive, writing your story will take your breath away. It'll fill your every waking thought, infuse you with constant inspiration and the desperate need to enter the irresistible world you've created to see what happens next. You won't want to leave it--- who needs to sleep and eat? It will no doubt even affect your moods as you feel everything your characters do. You may find yourself muttering odd things that make sense only to you. Friends will comment on the faraway look in your eyes. Those who know you well will surely understand that you're off in writers' la-la land again--- best not to disturb you until you're bursting to tell them what you've discovered. These things are what make writing both crazy and wonderful.

"My hope is that 'From First Draft to Finished Novel' will give you a solid plan of action from start to finish through in-depth examples and exercises, and that the leave-no-stone-unturned checklists will help you execute the plan in your own writing. This layering process sets up the stages necessary to complete a cohesive, irresistible dream-novel that is hauntingly unforgettable to everyone who reads it."

These two books go hand in hand with the process. I have already achieved so much more than I would have, had I gone it alone. Try it, it works!

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