In-between bouts of snow, hail, rain, and cold, I've been out enjoying the sunshine and tulips. Spring is coming, I keep telling myself as I cross my fingers, eyes, and toes.

The birds are optimistic. Ducks are checking out our yard for a place to make their nest, joined by the finches, the canaries, and of course the fat robins. What a cheerful greeting I get each time I walk out my backdoor.

I'm so excited to drag out the lawnmower, the clippers, the rake, and the edger, though I know that excitement will wear off in time, especially when it gets hot. But for now, how can I be pessimistic? The leaves are budding, dark green grass is growing, and I can see wondrous color beginning to burst. Renewed life is all around me. What an awesome sight set against the majestic white mountains and the occasional blue, blue skies.

Oh, the fresh air and the hope of a bounteous garden. I love spring and all its newness and surprises!

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