I have been reading quite a few blogs lately, and discussing with fellow writers and readers, about the subject of: why isn't there a category for college age protagonists?

There are several theories that have caught my attention, one of which is, that college age students do not have the time to pick up a novel and read for pleasure. Much of their time is spent in the classroom, doing homework, working, and of course, less we forget, the all important social life.

But I was also  intrigued to discover there might be other reasons, as well.

It took several years to recognize the need for a Young Adult genre, and now, slowly, it's being discovered that there might be a need for a college age genre, as well, especially with this new generation's ideas and expectations.  The industry, in time, will catch up.  But for now, the 18-25 fiction genre is still included in the Adult Sections of the library and bookstores.

It will be exciting, as a writer, to watch this new genre explode on the scene.  Like everything else this up and coming generation takes on, I feel, the "New Adult" genre will come to fruition with gusto.


Christina Lee said...

You might be right--we shall see. There definitely is a need for it! BTW, my word verification down below is "ineed" --ha!

Gwen Stickle said...

It will be great to see. Thanks for stopping by.

Anonymous said...

I found this really interesting and also shocking. Looking back at my life, I think I was the most prolific in my leisure reading during my "young adult years". In fact, I'm sure of it. Good grief! No wonder literacy is in such a deplorable state with the young people, is all I can say. Nice to meet you on Twitter. Good post here :)

Gwen Stickle said...

Thanks Cinemaprofound for your comments and for stopping by. It's great to meet you too.