I would encourage anyone that has been bitten by the writing bug to join Twitter, aka see the button on my blog. There you will find writers, agents, editors, and the like giving each other advice and encouragement. There are chats you can join, so that you can get answers to the many questions you undoubtedly have, receive great quotes that inspire, and connect with websites and blogs you probably didn't know were out there. It's amazing the wealth of information at your fingertips. It's such a great tool, if used it right.

But don't get discouraged with it, it takes time. I almost gave up a time or two, until I started learning a few of the ropes, started clicking on the options, and dove in. And I've only tapped into a fraction of what's available.

If you think of your writing as a business, you need to work hard and put yourself out there. I know, I know, it's difficult to do. But take it from an expert, who hides behind bookcovers, and has only begun to figure that out. It's worth it!


shirley duncan said...

Your blog is fun to look at and read. I love your little extras you have added. Your creativity is amazing in your ability to do graphics and a lot an author of an amazing story.

Gwen Stickle said...

Thanks for visiting and for the praise.