The other day, in reading "Writing and Selling the YA Novel," by K.L. Going, I picked up this wonderful tidbit:

"It might be helpful to think of editing the way scientists think of the scientific method. When the first draft of a book is done, try to:

-observe your work impassively, doing your best to eliminate any emotional involvement that might make you defensive to change

-describe your own reactions

-predict how others might react

-exert control in order to eliminate alternatives that don't belong

-experiment to see which choices work best

-test your hypotheses about character, action, setting, and point of view. Do they really work the way you thought they would?

Most of us will need to experiment again and again in order to get things right. Just as scientists don't expect to prove a theory on their first try, very few writers know how their entire book should be written the first time through. It's necessary to see which paths work and which don't."

This is so important to take into consideration while going through the editing process.

This is such a good book to have in your library, very helpful.

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