So, I'm about to embark on an adventure in learning... a three hour workshop in writing, writing, writing. It will be interesting to see what comes of it. I'm looking forward to being inspired, enlightened, and most of all energized. I love getting together with fellow writers. Their energy is catchy.

Tomorrow is an all-day conference, where I will have the opportunity to hear from and mingle with an agent, editor, and published authors. To glean from their experiences and what is expected in this hard, economic climate will be most helpful.

For those writers out there who have not taken the opportunity to attend a conference in their area, I would encourage you to do so. Do a little investigating and you will be surprised what you can find. The workshops and conferences range anywhere from $50 or a couple of thousand depending on how many days and what is involved. Start small, in this economic climate it is wise to do so, get your feet wet, and when you are ready take the plunge and attend extensive conference. You will be amazed what contacts you can make and the information you'll obtain, plus, it's great fun. I have to admit it's a little intimidating at first, but you'll soon realize that everyone is in the same boat. And then, there's the big conferences in New York and California to consider. How fabulous would they be to attend? Maybe some day!

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