Cold feet. What a dilemma and I don't mean cold feet in the sense of backing out of something. I literally mean cold feet. I cannot keep my tootsies warm. In the wintertime I have to use a heating pad for about an hour or so before going to bed at night or I can't sleep. I can't walk around without thick socks and shoes on all the time, even in the house, never mind how cold I get without proper insulation in boots when outside. Even in the summertime, I have difficulty shedding my socks and shoes for sandals because the air-conditioning kicks on, instantly freezing my bare feet.

My husband thinks I'm nuts and jokes about it with family and friends, because he's completely opposite. His feet get so hot that the minute he steps over the threshold into our house his shoes come off, and I can hear him spout, "I can't take it any more," as he flings his socks and shoes down the hallway.

He completely uncovers his feet at night and of course wears TIVA's spring, summer, and fall, much to the dismay of our children. If he could get away with it, he'd probably wear sandals year round--- and to further humiliate our children, he'd wear socks with sandals in the wintertime. "Snicker, snicker," and I'd probably let him just to see the reaction from the kids. It's so fun to cause them silly embarrassment just because we are their parents. Payback, right?

So, anyway, I do what I must to stay warm so I don't catch pneumonia and my husband does what he must to cool off. What a pair we make, the neighbors must think we're insane... one bundled to the teeth (feet included of course), the other in the thinnest jackets known to man. Brrrr!

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