If anyone has the ideal way to get rid of snakes, please let me know. Spring will be here all too soon, and it never fails that every snake, big or small, within a ten mile radius finds its way into my yard. My neighbors are witnesses to how fast, and how high, I can jump from the lower half of my yard to the front door. Which is quite a feat, given the massive boulders I have to leap over in order to reach the front steps. I could probably make the Olympic team if any coach happened by at the time of my sheer panic.

Many a snake has been deafened by my blood-curdling screams. My family and friends don't quite share in, this, my reasonable fear. They just laugh, point, and make fun of my stark-white face and tell me they're not sure who's more frightened, the snake or me. I can definitely say, without any equivocation whatsoever, "Duh! It's ME!

Note to self: Jot down all the words describing the terror I have for snakes in my notebook to reference later when my characters face a similar horror.


Kaylie said...

I hate snakes, too. My best advice is to run the other way.
I saw you at the SCBWI meeting, but I didn't get a chance to say hi. Maybe I'll run into you again sometime.

Gwen Stickle said...

I know right? Snakes, yuk.

I saw you too and wanted to talk, but time ran out. Great meeting, huh?